Track Users

Track Users Rules & Regulations

Track Users will in the main benefit from the facilities that the club offer. They will be offered use of the facilities upon completion of a basic application form agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations.

On receipt of this form and appropriate fee the application will be dealt with on it’s own merit

    • They will agree not to bring the Club into disrepute
    • They will show commitment to the club and the future plans of the club
    • They will abide by the confidentiality clause
    • They will pay all fees on time
    • They will at all times keep the access roads and footpaths free from any obstruction
    • They will try at all times to leave the track in the best possible condition, litter free
    • The use of bad language or raised voices, towards officials and volunteers, during training or at race meetings will not be tolerated
    • They will be aware that only Board and accepted Track Users horses will be trained on the track
    • They will be aware that all horses must be inoculated, and microchip scanning will take place
    • They will be aware, that during training, the use of the inside lane is strictly prohibited .

  • They will make sure that all entrance and exits gates are closed prior to training
  • They will be aware that training is only permitted between 8AM and 9PM
  • They will be aware that there will be no training for the whole day prior to a race meeting, qualifier/workout days or if there is a community event. (Track closed for training at 2pm after Qualifier/Workout days)
  • They are aware that Amman Valley Trotting Club Ltd Board Members are not responsible for any damage or injury whatsoever that maybe caused or sustained
  • They will be aware that they should have their own public liability insurance
  • They will be aware of the Clubs Environmental, Volunteering, Child Protection, and Equal Opportunities Policies
  • They will be aware that nobody under the age of 16 will be allowed to drive on the track, and that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at meetings